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Vote For Profits

You now can earn money just for voting on inventory at Bido that's been submitted for auction. Every time an item you voted for results in a sale, you'll get a percentage of the sale price. The earliest voters earn the most, and you can earn up to .77% of the sale amount.


Select how many votes you cast:

Enter how many votes existed prior to you voting:
Sale amount:

You would earn:

Remember, this was the simple calculator. You may try the Intermediate or the Advanced calculators as well for additional insight and options.
1 .30% of the final value (.003x)
2 .24% of the final value (.0024x)
3 .23% of the final value (.0023x)
4 .22% of the final value (.0022x)
5 .20% of the final value (.002x)
6 .19% of the final value (.0019x)
7 .18% of the final value (.0018x)
8 .16% of the final value (.0016x)
9 .15% of the final value (.0015x)
10 .13% of the final value (.0013x)

Remember that the maximum number of votes one bidder can place on an item is three, and that the tenth vote sends the item to auction.

If you placed more than one vote on an item that sells, you will receive the designated profit amount for each of the votes you placed on the item. You will always get paid if an item you voted for sells, even if the item is sent to auction before the voting is finished.

What's in It for You?

Voting on Bido auction submissions can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in profit for you per week.

On the Monday morning of each week, Bido automatically uploads complimentary Voting Points to your Bido account, Voting Points which will reset at week's end. Casting these free Voting Points wisely, for inventory that sells, could earn you considerable profit every four weeks.

But you can earn much more. By purchasing an extra 8880 Voting Points (for a total cost of $8.88), your weekly voting profits could more than double. If you purchase a second set of 8880 Voting Points: well, you get the idea. The more Voting Points you buy and the more you vote, the greater your profit potential.

By voting on any item, you can earn a maximum of .77% of the actual sale price. Imagine how the profits pile up when you vote on hundreds of inventory items: 200 sales with a $500 price tag would pay out a maximum of $770 to one voter; 200 sales with a price tag of $1,000 would pay out a maximum of $1,540.

To run sample scenarios that show how much profit you can expect from your voting, we have a Vote For Profits calculator towards the top of this page.

What's in It for Bido?

Thanks to you and the Vote for Profits system, only quality inventory goes to Bido auction, saving bidders the trouble of combing through an endless list of auction items, looking for a few good deals. Your voting helps ensure that all our auction inventory is worth our bidders' time. And to achieve that, we're willing to pay you handsomely. We fund your profits from our Bido sales commission.

How Vote For Profits works:

Simply review the submitted inventory for auction, and select the items you feel have a BidoPrice and value that make them likely to sell. If an item you vote for earns enough votes to get auctioned, and if the item sells, we'll give you a percentage of the actual sale price.

Ten votes are required for an item to go to auction. You may cast a maximum of 3 votes per item of inventory. The earliest voters earn the biggest percentage of profit (assuming the auction results in a sale). One voter could potentially earn as much .77% of the sale price.

After a vote is placed, it cannot be retracted, so vote carefully. For obvious reasons, sellers cannot vote on their own inventory.

Voters can place a pre-bid on an item they vote for, which ends voting and initiates an auction. A seller can accelerate to auction (which ends voting) by paying to have an item auctioned. In either of these scenarios, if the item sells, any votes that were already placed on it will be honored. In other words, you'll always get paid if an item you voted for sells - even if a seller or bidder ends voting before the voting process is completed.

Votes and Voting Points

There's a difference between votes and Voting Points. Voting Points are what you vote with. Differing numbers of Voting Points are needed to cast a vote, depending on an item's BidoPrice.

If the BidoPrice is $500 or less, one Voting Point is expended per vote. If the BidoPrice is between $501 and $1,000, two Voting Points are required. You spend one Voting Point per every $500 of BidoPrice. (Example: If the BidoPrice is $10,000, you would use 20 Voting Points in placing one vote on that item. If you placed 3 votes on it, that would expend 60 Voting Points.)

If an item's BidoPrice is over $10,000, it's treated as if it were only $10,000 for voting purposes. This ensures you will never spend more than 20 Voting Points per vote, even on highly priced items.

Normally you can place up to 3 votes per any item of inventory. But remember that once an item acquires 10 votes, it is sent to auction. That means if you go to vote for an item that already has collected 8 votes, you will only be allowed to place 2, since that's all the slots that are left before voting closes. If an item has 9 votes, you will only be allowed to place one vote, and so forth.

It obviously pays to be an early voter - not only because the payout is better for early birds, but because if you're too late to the voting booth, you may not be able to place as many votes as you would like to.

Voting Power

Voting Power is a measurement of the quality and accuracy of votes a voter casts. The members of the community who regularly vote on quality items that are well priced are rewarded. Vote smart on items that are likely to sell based on the item in relation to it's BidoPrice. This format helps balance the ratio of items that sell and keeps the inventory that makes it to auction have stricter quality control. Inventory that is "In-Demand" is why bidders regularly come back to Bido to find items to purchase. This is a core aspect of what we do here at Bido and Voting Power is used to keep an attractive balance of items that sell.

Voting power is calculated as follows:
Everyone starts off at 70%. In time, you will either become a more powerful voter or a weaker voter. As you can see in the calculator, the cost to vote at 70% is currently 10 Voting Points per $500 of the seller's BidoPrice. The cost per vote may change at any time. After you participate in voting on 5 items that go to auction, once those 5 auctions are completely finalized, your voting power will be calculated. And moving forward, it will be calculated on a per-auction basis. When voting, you will be shown your current voting power, as well as your current cost per vote to cast.

Payout Scale

The earlier you place your vote in the voting process, the greater your potential profit. If an item sells, you will receive a different profit percentage for each vote you placed on the item, according to the payout scale seen above.Use the Vote For Profits Calculator to calculate your voting profits, inputting real or hypothetical scenarios. First select which calculator you wish to use, we have three versions each with greater insight into how Vote for Profits work. The calculator is found at the top of this page.

Getting Voting Points

Bido automatically loads free Voting Points to your Bido account each week on Monday morning (applicable to all members who have ever either bought or sold at least one domain on Bido, the more domains you buy or sell, the more free Voting-Points you get). Unused free Voting Points do not compound - they expire at week's end. Voting Points you paid for, however, are cumulative and do not expire.

Voting Points are sold in packages of 8880, with one package costing one Bido Credit (equivalent to $8.88). The more Voting Points you purchase, the more votes you can place, and the greater your profit potential. For instructions on how to purchase Voting Points, go to the Bido Payment Page.

Collecting Your Profits

A sale is not complete until the transaction is finalized between buyer and seller. At that time, profits are automatically deposited into the accounts of Bido members who voted for the inventory.

There is a $20 minimum payout amount for voters requesting payment of their profits.

To request payout is as simple as entering your payment details and clicking a button.

Once you vote, you cannot retract your vote, so please vote carefully and wisely.
Sellers are not able to vote on their domains, the system will simply not allow it.

To track what you have voted for, the status of your votes, and your earnings, please visit your Vote For Profits History page.

To vote now, visit the Bido homepage, and enter the "Send to Auction, Vote" tab.